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Fight Over Critical Race Theory is a fight for our National Survival 

Esteemed Reader: 

This is our second SOS Guest Exchange-Series post: It follows the inaugural communication, on July 8, 2021, to 726 New York State Superintendents, featuring guest author Professor Jay Bergman. We invite you to read Prof. Bergman’s contribution to the SOS Guest Exchange-Series. 

SOS undertook this as a series following responses to Prof. Bergman’s letter from a number of superintendents. One in particular, from Westchester County, was invited to join the SOS Board for a roundtable discussion on the implementation of Critical Race Theory and its variants in our schools. That meeting took place in July with our board, the superintendent, and a member of the district’s Board of Education. A frank and polite dialogue ensued, unlike the rancorous ones which have taken place during many meetings of the Boards of Education.

In that spirit of open-mindedness, SOS is committed to continuing this dialogue through the SOS Guest Exchange-Series. We thank Prof. Jacobson for authorizing the use of his speech, and for his statement that follows Prof. Jacobson’s video speech published here, titled: “The fight over Critical Race Theory in education is a fight in many ways for our national survival” (originally posted by Prof. Jacobson on Sunday, August 8, 2021).

Prof. William A. Jacobson, Clinical Professor of Law, Cornell Law School, and President of Legal Insurrection Foundation, a non-profit devoted to campus free speech and academic freedom, which publishes


"Parents and community members have a stake in what is taught in public K-12 schools. Understandably, there has been grave concern that the educational system is being exploited for ideological purposes in ways that objectify children by skin color, pit students against each other based on oppressor/oppressed narratives, and perpetuate negative racial stereotypes in the name of "antiracism" One of the most important developments in the past year has been the rise of grassroot movements seeking educational transparency and to hold school administrators and public officials accountable for these destructive policies and practices. Groups that exercise their legitimate concerns in responsible and peaceful ways deserve our support."

Thank you for your attention.  Your input on this vital subject is important. Please email your comments.  

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