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by JUDY MCLAUGHLIN : SOS Advisory Board Member and Lakeland Team Leader

I have joined this fight against the indoctrination of America’s youth because I believe what is happening to our innocent children in tax funded American schools is a travesty. I believe that our children’s minds, hearts and bodies are truly being targeted by evil. Critical Race Theory is indeed in entertainment, corporations and communities. 


The most insidious place of all is in our schools with the goal of creating a generation of single minded, woke, social justice warriors bent on creating division and the destruction of American exceptionalism. It is disheartening to know the very people we entrust our most precious gifts from God, our children, are purposely or inadvertently indoctrinating youth. The days of woeful ignorance and naivete is over. No matter what they call it, schools have frameworks, curriculums, activities and clubs that surround children with the ideology of systemic racism, gender fluidity, implicit bias, micro aggressions, restorative justice, anti-capitalism and civic activism. Many insipid professors are responsible for creating curriculums and professional workshops for well meaning yet ignorant teachers to promote CRT. 


We all have a responsibility to become informed and engaged. The protection of our youth is the utmost importance. The agenda of CRT will lead to brainwashing, the removal of our security resource officers in schools, depraved sex education, a political rewrite of history and division between our youth. We need to promote patriotism not multiculturalism. Achievement not activism. Unity not racism. Protection not gender influence peddling. Let us bring back the celebration of American values and honor throughout the school year. Black Lives Matter is an anti-American Marxist movement that we need to eradicate the presence of in school buildings. The BLM movement’s 13 guiding principles and their goals, is toxic poison. Demand facts in regards to systemic racism. If our schools want to promote the belief that our country is systemically racist they will need to show us the proof. 


Educators have to promote excellence in academics and leave morality and politics to the parents and caregivers. Make no mistake, the promotion of race identity, social and gender activism is a threat to the nuclear family and parental rights. Protecting the influential children must be our mission. 


Getting involved, working to stop the indoctrination in education is truly a cause worth fighting for and has renewed my dedication to faith, community and country.

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